Incredible Confetti and Streamer Effects!

Discover the Magic of Confetti!

Our Confetti Cannons are simple and easy to use.
Our confetti cannons are powered by co2 compressed air.
There is no gun powder or other explosive.
There are no permits required to use our confetti cannons.
Our confetti cannons are totally safe.

Our confetti cannons are perfect for any event or celebration.

Enjoy the Ultimate Confetti Effects!

We make it easy to create your own Incredible Confetti Effects.
Times Square is covered with confetti every new year's eve.
But confetti and streamers are not just for new year's eve!

Creating Incredible Confetti Effects for over 17 years.

Confetti creates memorable moments at any event.
Corporate events, stage events, any celebration!

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Confetti fills the air

Handheld Confetti Cannons Reusable

Create Instant Confetti and Streamer Effects!

is reusable.
This confetti cannon is completely self contained.
The are totally portable and and easy to use!
This confetti cannon operates using co2 cylinders.
You can create confetti effects anywhere.

We have four types of handheld confetti cannons.
  • The Original Handheld Confetti Cannon
  • The Jumbo Handheld Confetti Cannon
  • The Mini Handheld Confetti Cannon
  • The Extreme Handheld Confetti Cannon
Confetti shoots 25-35 feet.
Sreamers soar 55-65.
Confetti Cannon
Confetti Cannon

Electric Confetti Cannons

operates on 110v electricity.
As soon as this cannon recieves power the confetti and streamers fly.
Truss mount models have a built in c-clamp to attach to any truss.
Base mount models are perfect for floor and stage areas!

  • Confetti blasts 25-35 feet into the air
  • Streamers soar 55-65 feet spreading out wide
Electric Confetti Cannon

Wireless Remote Control Confetti Cannons

is self contained.
This confetti cannon operates on 9v batteries.
You can use this confetti cannon anywhere!
Each remote control confetti cannon is controlled by a built in receiver.
You control the confetti cannon with a handheld transmitter.
Fire the confetti cannon with just a push of a button!
Truss mount and Base mount models available.

  • Confetti blasts 25-35 feet into the air
  • Streamers soar 55-65 feet spreading out wide
Remote Confetti Cannon

Continuous Flow Confetti Cannons

is our largest cannon.
This confetti cannon blasts confetti up to 80 feet into the air.
Blast up to 1 pound of confetti per second into the air with this confetti cannon.
This large volume confetti cannon is perfect for large events.

  • Confetti blasts over 80 feet into the air
  • Shoots 1 lb of confetti per second
  • Fill a room in seconds!
Continuous Flow Confetti Cannon